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Monique Arsenault is an Extraordinary Homeopath!  Her professional support has changed and supported my vitality.   I began seeing Monique for homeopathy in my early twenties.  At that time I was overweight and suffering from chronic, painful acne. Additionally, my physical complaints greatly affected my behavior and self-esteem.

From the start, Monique was very holistic; she promptly addressed my complaints and to my surprise, gently uncovered life stresses I was previously ignorant to.  My life shifted significantly and within the first six months of working with Monique - my acne cleared, I lost the desire to engage in self-destructive behavior patterns, I became motivated and focused in pursuing active hobbies and felt more confident on my own - thus shifting me toward a healthier, more like-minded social network. 


I continue to see Monique during times of stress and transition, as well as when I am looking to better myself as a person. She is consistent in her professional demeanor,

compassionate while helping to open up the root of my issues, and suggests remedies which provide relief and support, and is openly available to communicate when remedies unravel one's habitual patterns of thought, emotion, behavior and the subsequent physical manifestations of stress.


Lisa P.

I went to Monique with a physical concern that other doctors and practitioners had not adequately addressed. I have been amazed that her homeopathic approach has worked on so many levels in addition to the physical, including energetic, emotional and spiritual. I enthusiastically recommend Monique as an outstanding Homeopathic practitioner.

Anne K.
Bellingham, WA

Through Monique’s experience, special insights and particularly firm grasp of the art and science of Homeopathy, not only have my cancer and arthritis been put under far better control, but of far more significance, several emotional and body energy – “Vital Force” – issues I wasn’t even aware of have been radically improved.

Ron K.
Bellingham, WA (sadly, an edited version)

Since receiving my remedies from Monique I feel a tremendous increase in my energy level and already notice persistent ailments disappearing layer by layer. In just a few short weeks I have felt a significant shift not only in my physical body but on a mental level as well. I can feel the remedies working to help my body rid itself of unhealthy patterns of behavior and thought that have plagued me for years. Monique's approach is gentle and objective. She is the first health care practitioner to really listen to ALL of my health goals and as a result I am feeling better then ever!

Iris D.
Bellingham, WA

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