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Monique Arsenault, CCH, RSHom(NA)

November 14, 1971 - May 28, 2020

 Dear Friends,

With a very sad heart, I bring the news that Monique Arsenault passed out of this world on May 28, 2020, after a 3 year bout with cancer.  
She has been a light at the center of WAHA for 8 years, participating on the Board with good will, cheer, enthusiasm and kindness.  
There was such grace and support for her all along this rigorous cancer journey.  I know many of you helped her in many ways.  
She went into the hospital late on the night of the 27th, and by some miracle the hospital authorities
 gave Joleen permission to be with her so that she was not alone during her last hours.  
Joleen told me that she died in peace.  
Thanks to all for your prayers and love for her.  
We'll let you know about plans for her memorial as that is arranged.

 with a heart, broken open,


Monique Arsenault, CCH, RSHom(NA), CC
Board Certified Classical Homeopath
Certified Counselor

Welcome to Homeopathic Healthcare!

10 Reasons to Consider Homeopathy

  1. Homeopathy is a safe and natural addition to supporting health and wellness.  All over the world, homeopathy has been helping people feel better for over 200 years!  Its documented safety ratings make it another popular choice of healing for babies, for support during pregnancies, for people with sensitivities, and for everyone wanting to try a natural approach to restoring balance within their health and wellbeing.  Homeopathy is a natural complement to other therapies and can be used alongside conventional treatments.

  2. Homeopathy does not involve side-effects.  Homeopathic remedies are made through a specialized series of dilutions and agitations, which renders them chemically nontoxic, because not a molecule of the original substance is left in them.  As a result, only very small amounts of the remedy are needed to activate the energetic responses within the body.  Once the body becomes free of negative patterns of energy, the body is free to heal itself.

  3. Homeopathy is a holistic healing modality.  Holistic treatment means that the complaints of the person are understood in terms of themes or essences, all from within different levels simultaneously at the same time.  For many people, itís often the physical complaints that speak to us with the most discomfort.  After simple observation & investigation, however, deeper themes are uncovered and explored as to their interactions with those symptoms; such as how might grief affect this personís sleep, or how might a sense of injustice affect that personís digestion, or what role does stress at work play in this personís energy levels?  Understanding the role that stress plays in terms of our health and vital functioning is a big step towards understanding why our bodies tend to get sick in the first place.

  4. Homeopathy promotes high-quality resilience within a personís wellbeing.  Since homeopaths take into consideration a personís unique set of circumstances and life experiences, as well temperament and personality, we work to uncover the root of the problem which causes all the distress to the body.  Homeopathic philosophy sees health as being synonymous with flexibility or freedom.  This flexibility is exactly what supports a vital and healthy immune function.

  5. Homeopathy is a sustainable healing modality.  The scientific preparation of homeopathic remedies does not involve mass production, acquisition or high consumption of diminishing resources, synthetic ingredients or colors, excessive packaging, or animal testing.

  6. Homeopathy is affordable.  Several studies can confirm the cost effectiveness of homeopathic treatment.   The main costs in homeopathy go towards the services provided by specialized practitioners.  The remedies themselves are inexpensive and few pellets are used at any given time.

  7. Homeopathy is safe and easy to use.  Homeopathic remedies are commonly used in the form of sweet tasting pellets, tablets, or powders and are dissolved under the tongue or in water.   The potential for overdose of homeopathic remedies is rare, and you cannot become addicted to them.  This is because of the dilutions with which the remedies are made, containing in crude form only lactose and/ or sucrose.

  8. Homeopathy can work fast.  Homeopathy often works very quickly, especially in people with already strong immune systems and during acute conditions. Homeopathic First-Aid kits are available so now healing can go wherever you go!

  9. Homeopathy can help, even if everyone else has said thereís nothingís wrong.  Many people report experiencing pain or distress that go undetected by lab tests or the results of which are simply too low to account for such apparent concern.  Since homeopathy focuses on strengthening the vitality or constitution of the person, the subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the overall health of the person are carefully ascertained through more than just one level.  Health is regarded through characteristic mental states, emotional states, as well as the physical states.

  10. Homeopathy helps you feel better!  Most people are surprised at how good they feel after homeopathic treatment.  Homeopathy brings balance back to the underlying dynamic function of the body, which in turn encourages and supports the immune system allowing it to do what it knows best: to heal our selves.

My vision

For me, homeopathy isnít just a healing modality- itís a way of being in the world.  When we feel better, when we really feel good from inside and out, we tend to feel connected.  When we feel good with vibrant energy, we tend to make better decisions, we find that we have the creativity and passion needed to easily and sustainably support ourselves as well as others, we navigate throughout our lives with kindness and compassion on this blessed planet which we call home.

I am very much in gratitude to the late Martin Miles, my favorite homeopath and teacher, one of the original founders of the Society of Homeopaths in the UK.  He taught me to appreciate and connect with the importance of Just Being Myself.

Hereís a quote from his book, ďHomeopathy and Human EvolutionĒ


       When peace and harmony has been created within, it will radiate outwards.  This is the
       true path to health and it involves reconciling intention with action, wish with will, what
       you are with what you think you should be.  The patient working from his side, the
       homeopath working from his side.  The seeds of integrity are sown within, one day to
       blossom as a beautiful garden.


Ď3- Dimensional Treatmentí reflects this vision of appreciation that we human beings are more than just the sum of our parts.  We are beings of enormous energy potentials and we have much work to do in terms of co-creating peace, harmony, and balance within our world.


Free 15-minute consultations available.

--Monique Arsenault, Homeopath

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