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While other countries such as the United Kingdom esteem homeopathic medicine as such to include it on the National Health Service, here in the United States homeopathy is NOT recognized as a medical system of treatment. 

Homeopathy is a natural and scientific system of healing which works to keep in balance our vitality, our inner and inherent core of energy which allows us our vim and vigor, and which maintains our body’s inherent ability to heal itself.  This is a system of healing where the individual is considered through several aspects at the same time; such as through his or her temperament, build, coloring, stress levels, previous history of traumas, griefs, frights, etc.  Homeopaths understand that Every Body is different from another, each with different needs, different personalities, different situations or experiences.   For example, suppose two people suffer with stomach pains.  They may take an over the counter medication for a certain set of stomach symptoms.  This may or may not help for a period of time, and eventually suppose they want to investigate additional means of supporting these complaints   Suppose these same two people both see a homeopath to see if they could get their symptoms in balance, and the homeopath finds out that one person has a very stressful job and many duties to perform, which end up making her very nervous and tense.  The homeopath finds out that the other person is highly strung from work, drinks too much coffee, and he is actually quite irritable.  They will receive two different remedies, based on their unique situations, and if successful, this will reduce their nervousness and/or irritability and this will then result in their complaints disappearing.

Homeopaths understand that before we actually become ill, there is a shift in our Vital Energy and that it is this shift that allows the body to slow down in energetic function and thereby predispose it to a whole pattern of illness.  Now it is easy to see why the quality of our health and well-being directly depends on the health of this Vital Energy or ‘Vital Force’ as it is known throughout the homeopathic community.   The healthy balance of this flow of energy is what keeps the immunity strong.  Homeopathy is another way to help keep energy centers in the body open and balanced.

Homeopathy is similar to other healing modalities which stress the importance of maintaining ‘balance’ within the organism.   AYURVEDA balances the energetic forces within the body through detoxifying or toning the three doshas of Vata, Pitta, Kapha.  TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE and ACUPUNCTURE both encourage balance within energy lines or meridians by stimulating and freeing the flow of Chi throughout the body.  YOGA offers balance through the flow of breath within the muscles and tissues of the body.  Teachers at Waldorf Schools (founded by Rudolf Steiner) also support balance and nurture the individual by embracing the philosophy of the humors or The Four Temperaments (phlegmatic, melancholic, choleric, sanguine) as a way to relate with and support their students.


Unfortunately, we do not yet know the exact mechanism by which Homeopathy has been prompting such impressive results.  Scientists have recently begun tapping into the quantum world, discovering that matter behaves as waves, like undulations or vibrations.  Remedies are made by a unique process of ultra-high dilutions and succussions (which means vigorously agitated by shaking it), which takes the essence and compounds waves upon itself.  This makes the remedies at the same time powerless on a chemical level, while also most powerful on a potential energy level.   In his work, Hidden Messages in Water (2001), Masaru Emoto wrote of how water has the ability to retain memory, or an imprint, something he saw when he photographed differences between water crystals which had been exposed to either a positive or a negative word (vibration).  Homeopathy works to energetically remove the negative imprints upon our Vital Energy or Vital Force, thereby freeing up and strengthening our body’s ability to heal itself.  Remedies themselves do not heal the body.  It is the essence of their energy which initiates the healing response from the body


Consultations with me will seem similar to a counseling-type setting where I will encourage you to discuss in great detail just what your complaints are like and all the ways in which they affect you.  Dreams, food cravings, likes/ dislikes, doodles, etc. are of great interest to me because they can tell a good deal about the ways in which we suffer.  I consider myself as a team player with you on your journey towards healing.  I take great care to work with you and to help you discover the root causes of the illness, to make sense of the patterns, to discover the themes connecting with the innermost disturbance of energy.   While there are no physical examinations, medical or lab tests performed, details of these may be requested.



Homeopathy is in no way a replacement for regular medicine, treatment of any disease or condition, nor does it involve the diagnosis thereof.  Most clients already have doctors; you are encouraged to maintain or establish a relationship with your doctor and to obtain any tests or procedures to which they are deemed necessary.  Since Homeopathy cannot create side-effects, it can safely be used alongside conventional medications.


There are several remedies which have proven their value time and again, and some that you should never leave home without!  Many books and kits are available on the subject; check out this website for local classes and talks!

I heard that you should avoid caffeine while taking homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic literature suggests that taking coffee, mint, camphor or other such stimulating substances may antidote homeopathic treatment.  While there is some evidence to support this theory, certainly not everyone experiences the same degree of sensitivity from taking coffee and the best approach is taking care to observe these effects on a case by case basis. 

I heard that some remedies have been made from a poison, like Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)?

It's true that several remedies originally have been made from poisons, like Belladonna or Lachesis (venom from the S.American bushmaster snake).  Remember that all homeopathic remedies have been potentized through long series of dilutions and succussions, and that it is really the energetic essence or imprint of the remedy (or it’s memory in water) that we use, and not the actual raw form of the substance itself.   Homeopathic philosophy is based on the 'Law of Similars' which states that a substance which can create symptoms in a healthy person also has the power to remove those symptoms in a sick person. Take, for example the plant Urtica Urens, or Stinging Nettle. If you touch this plant, it will cause your skin itch intolerably and most likely you will break out in hives. However, if you were to take this plant and dilute it, making a homeopathic remedy out of it, you could apply it to the skin for fast relief of many types of itchy skin and hives!  In a way, it’s similar to a magnetic bouncing off another magnet, you put a bit of the itching onto the itching, and the itching gets removed!

Since there's nothing IN a homeopathic remedy, aren’t they just placebos, little sugar pills?

Homeopathic remedies do all look the same. Remedies come in pillules, tablets, or powders.  If you speak with a pharmacist about what’s actually IN the pill, the answer is no; there’s no ‘thing’ in any homeopathic remedy made above a 6X dilution, it will not contain even one molecule of the original substance. However, if you spoke with someone like Masaru Emoto (Hidden Messages in Water, 2001) or a quantum physicist, they will tell you that something happens when we potentize a thing in water. This process actually magnifies the energetic properties of the substance which make it capable of increasing in potential energy.

I am already taking medications, can I use homeopathy at the same time?

Yes, homeopathy can safely be used alongside other medications and does not interfere with other treatments.  You are advised to stay in touch with your Primary Care Physician, and to communicate closely with him or her about the state of your concerns, your progress, medication levels, and any changes you experience.  Homeopathy attempts to release stress from the body and to create balance from within, so it’s a perfect modality to work with in collaboration.

Homeopathic remedies are sold in a variety of health stores. Why should I see a qualified homeopathic practitioner?

There are many remedies which are useful in any house for a variety of self-limiting situations; such as minor injuries, sprains, colds coughs, etc.  Remember that homeopathic remedies are capable of promoting healing only when they match a similar energy.  Qualified homeopathic practitioners are trained to recognize very deep patterns of energetic disharmony, including complications from geopathic stress and radiation, contaminants, pollutants, damage from excess medications, etc.   Qualified homeopathic practitioners keep you and the future of homeopathy safe by adhering to the principles as laid out over 200 years ago by the founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

How should I store my homeopathic remedies?

Keep your remedies out of the reach of children! When storing your homeopathic remedies, keep them away from radiation; sunlight, cell-phones, computers, x-rays, etc. Avoid also dampness and strong odors as these may antidote the effects of your remedies.

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