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What’s the difference between homeopathy and naturopathy?

Both are alternative methods of healing the body and are based on the philosophy that the body has a Vital Energy which has the capacity of heal itself.  Generally speaking, Naturopathy is a term used to encompass several healing disciplines (of which homeopathy can be included); such as nutrition therapy, herbalism, vitamin supplementation and allergen treatments.  Homeopaths, by definition, only use homeopathic remedies, and only in the way previously described so as to free up the healing action of the Vital Force so that the immune system can start healing the body. 

 I heard that you should avoid caffeine while taking homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic literature suggests that taking coffee, mint, camphor or other such stimulating substances may antidote homeopathic treatment.  While there is some evidence to support this theory, certainly not everyone experiences the same degree of sensitivity from taking coffee and the best approach is taking care to observe these effects on a case by case basis. 

Is it safe to take a remedy that's been made from a poison, like Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)?

It's true that several remedies originally have been made from poisons. Remember that they have been potentized through a long series of dilutions and succussions, so it is really the energetic essence of the remedy (or it’s memory in water) that we use, and not the actual substance itself.   Homeopathic philosophy is based on the 'Law of Similars' which states that a substance which can create symptoms in a healthy person also has the power to remove those symptoms in a sick person. Take, for example the plant Urtica Urens, or Stinging Nettle. If you touch this plant, it will cause your skin itch intolerably and most likely you will break out in hives. However, if you were to take this plant and make a homeopathic remedy out of it, you could apply it to the skin for fast relief of many types of itchy skin and hives!  In a way like a magnetic bouncing off another magnet, you put a bit of the itching onto the itching, and the itching gets removed!

Since there's nothing IN a homeopathic remedy, are they just placebos, little sugar pills?

Homeopathic remedies do all look the same. Remedies come in pillules, tablets, or powders.  If you speak with a chemist about what’s actually IN the pill, the answer is no; there’s no ‘thing’ in any homeopathic remedy made above a 6X dilution, it will not contain even one molecule of the original substance. However, if you spoke to someone like Masaru Emoto (Messages From Water) or someone who studies energy and energy patterns, they will tell you that something happens when we potentize a thing in water. This process actually magnifies the instinctive and energetic properties of the substance which make it capable of initiating such natural healing responses within the body.

I am already taking medications, can I use homeopathy at the same time?

Yes, homeopathy can be used alongside other medications. Homeopathy has the ability to stimulate healing from the inside out and to relieve certain states of stress and strain from the body. Because of the way in which the remedies are made, homeopathy cannot cause side-effects.  Always stay in touch with your doctor about your progress and medication levels.

Homeopathic remedies are sold in a variety of health stores. Why should I see a qualified homeopathic practitioner?

There are many remedies which are useful in any house for a variety of self-limiting conditions; such as minor injuries, sprains, colds coughs, etc.  Remember that homeopathic remedies are capable of promoting healing only when they match a similar energy.  Qualified homeopathic practitioners are trained to recognize very deep patterns of energetic disharmony, and are highly skilled to take into account the complex damages implicated by modern society; i.e. poor dietary constraints, geopathic stress and radiation, contaminants, pollutants, damage from excess medications,  etc.   Qualified homeopathic practitioners keep the future of homeopathy safe by keeping to the principles as laid out over 200 years ago by the founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

How should I store my homeopathic remedies?

Like all medicines, keep your remedies out of the reach of children! When storing your homeopathic remedies, keep them away from radiation; sunlight, cell-phones, computers, x-rays, etc. Avoid also damp and strong odors as these may antidote the effects of your remedies.


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